Soccer Betting Tips, MLS & World Cup

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When betting on soccer, you have four primary options for wagering: The English Premier League, the Italian League, MLS, and the World Cup. MLS, short for Major League Soccer, is the professional soccer league based in the United States. Obviously, the World Cup is the world championship soccer tournament, held every four years. In the summer of 2010, it will be held in South Africa. Use these tips for soccer betting on MLS and soccer betting on the World Cup.

Betting lines in soccer tend to resemble baseball betting lines, with a money line. For example, when betting on an MLS match between Chicago and Los Angeles, you might see a line that says: Chicago +155, Los Angeles -180. This line means that Los Angeles is the favorite, and you’d have to wager $180 to win $100. Chicago is the underdog, and you’d wager $100 to win $155.

One additional soccer betting line involves a “draw,” or tie. Rather than only wagering that one team will win, you also can wager that there will be a draw. In this type of wager, which is called a “three-way soccer wager,” you are able to bet on one of the two teams or a draw, and odds reflect three choices. For example, the line may look like this: Chicago +210, Los Angeles +140, Draw, +175. This line means that you’d wager $100 on Chicago to win $210, $100 on Los Angeles to win $140, and $100 on a tie to win $175. Before you make this type of wager, be sure you know whether any overtime will be included in the wager. Most of the time, these three-way soccer wagers only apply to regulation time, so they’re only available in the regular season.

Some soccer betting lines also include a “total” line, which refers to the total number of goals that will be scored. The total line might look like this: Total 3.5 over -110. This line means you’d have to wager $110 that the two teams will score four or more goals (or over 3.5 goals) to win $100.

When wagering on the 2010 World Cup of soccer, you’ll have additional types of wagers, such as the odds on one of the 32 qualifiers winning the entire tournament. You also may see odds on an individual team winning its “group” or on qualifying for the “Round of 16.” With these types of wagers, the results of the wager are determined by the results of a few games, rather than on the result of a single game, as are other types of soccer wager