Football Betting Tips

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When betting on the NFL, information is key. It's easier to make winning wagers when you have accurate and timely information. Using these college and pro football betting tips listed here, you'll have a much better chance to make accurate and timely wagers picking on football.

Find Information: No other sport or professional league receives as much attention or generates as much information as the NFL. The initial tip in this list of nfl tips is a simple one: Study the teams. Learn how certain players or teams perform at home versus on the road. Discover whether certain head coaches struggle against certain other head coaches. Look for information on whether a quarterback has a history of problems playing against the schemes of particular defensive coordinator. Finding NFL information is almost as easy as finding these NFL betting tips: Look on the Internet, on cable TV networks, and in print magazines.

Keep An Eye On Injuries: Few sports are as affected by injuries as the NFL. Fortunately, the NFL also requires teams to reveal injuries and list the likelihood that a player will be able to perform on Sunday. Make sure you have the latest injury reports before making a wager on a particular game.

Keep An Eye On Injuries, Part 2. Even though the NFL forces teams to release injury information, the NFL cannot demand perfect accuracy (or honesty). Learn which teams and coaches tend to exaggerate injuries or tend to underestimate injuries by comparing the weekly injury reports to Sunday's performances. Use these injury reporting trends to your advantage.

Watch The Games: The final entry in this list of nfl tips is bettors don't follow it: Watch as many NFL games as you can. With replays on the NFL Network, the NFL Sunday Ticket package from DirecTV, local and cable broadcasts, and a DVR, you now can watch a lot of different NFL games, either live, on "tape," or in an abbreviated package. Also, make sure when you watch the games that you're looking for trends that can help you with future football picks. Although it is fun to watch a game on which you've made a wager while cheering for the team on which you bet, a serious handicapper will focus on finding an advantage for the next wager when watching any game. After all, you cannot change the outcome of the game on which you've wagered simply by watching it and cheering for one particular team.