Basketball Betting Tips

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Finding a good way to bet NBA games can be a challenge. After all, the NBA schedules games almost every night from late October to mid-April ... and that doesn't include preseason or playoff games. Do you wager every night, regardless of whether you can find a good matchup? Or should you pick and choose the games you wager on, skipping several days if needed to find a great game, potentially missing out on winning wagers? Hopefully, these free NCAA, college and NBA betting tips can help you make some winning basketball wagers.

Manage Your Money Wisely. With so many NBA games available, you really must create a plan on how much you'll wager per game, per week, and per season, and stick to those amounts. You don't want to get in the habit of chasing losing wagers by wagering even more the next night to try to make up for the loss. Such a habit can snowball quickly because so many games are available.

Play The Matchups. The NBA is all about matchups. There might be one star player who simply cannot reach his scoring average against one particular defensive player. Or, one coach may struggle with developing defenses to stop a star player. With this entry in this list of NBA tips, keep in mind that you will have to do some homework. Fortunately, teams typically play each other a few times per year, giving you some options for finding historical results related to particular matchups, hopefully giving you an advantage when wagering.

Watch The Trends. No list of NBA betting tips would be complete without a tip about watching trends. The NBA schedule lends itself to giving bettors a chance to follow trends. For example, teams will tend to play four or more consecutive road games a few times each year. Look at historical results to determine how a team from the west coast tends to perform when it must travel to the east coast for a few games in a row, for example. Another popular trend for bettors to follow is how NBA teams perform in the second game when playing back-to-back nights. For example: Do certain teams tend to play poorly in the second game of back-to-back games, especially if they win the first game? Also, some teams will rest veteran players when playing back-to-back games. Keep an eye on the trends.

Watch The Nagging Injuries. The final tip in this list of free NBA tips is a no-brainer. A minor injury might not force a player to sit out a few games, but it could leave a player unable to perform at his highest level, hurting his team. It can be tough to find information on nagging injuries, because NBA teams typically don't want to give opponents an advantage, but try to use the Internet to follow the local media outlets who cover a particular team when you have a question about a potential nagging injury.